Welcome to Orthopaedic Medical Group of Santa Ana

Our team consists of three diplomates of the American board of orthopaedic surgeons and just over thirty expertly trained and patient oriented staff members. We have thirty years of practice specializing in California’s complex workers compensation system. The physicians and staff at OMGSA are committed to providing quality medical care and reporting. All reports issued are comprehensive and served timely under proof of service. Each report is billed in accordance with the Official Medical Fee Schedule. We take our commitments seriously and are continually striving to provide excellent service.

Our doctors also serve as primary care physicians providing treatment for workers compensation injuries. Most of our treatments are administered on a conservative basis. However, if necessary, we are also equipped to handle more invasive treatments, including injections and surgery. The doctors are on many Medical Provider Networks and work to help patient’s obtain the best medical result. We do this through diligent patient care, complex decision making, and appropriate treatment recommendations. We have a high rate of patient satisfaction that results in better outcomes and swift resolution of claims.

Our specialty is dealing with the complexities of the California Workers Compensation rules and regulations. We have experience performing comprehensive medical evaluations regarding multiple injuries and employers. This is seen though our abilities to appropriately evaluate and report on professional athletes. All our doctors handle these and all cases with meticulous care and dedication.

Mission Statement

The mission of OMGSA is to achieve the best medical result for the workers compensation community through comprehensive evaluations, appropriate medical treatment, and accurate timely reporting.